A Taylor Swift inspired readathon, for those of us who love T.Swift and reading books.
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Going a little nuts trying to find a book to fit a certain room? Fill in a space by completing any of the following prompts:

Read a book Taylor Swift has referenced
Great Gatsby
any Christmas-related book
Peter Pan
Romeo and Juliet or any adaptation
The Scarlet Letter
Anything by William Wordsworth

Read a book with a main character with a name from one of Taylor’s songs
Betty, James, Inez,
Dorothea, Marjorie, Drew,
Rebekah, Drake, Leo,
Bobby, Abigail, Grace,
John, Stephen, Mary, Tim

Read a book about cats
or with cats on the cover

Read a book that is romance within a separate genre

Look What You Made Me Do
Read a book that’s recommended to you

Match a book to an outfit or dress

Read a book with a number in the title

Bad Blood
Read a book about a morally grey character

Shake It Off
Make a cocktail or a mocktail

Taylor Swift
Read a memoir

Our Song
Read a book about music

Picture to Burn
Post an Instagram story showing off your book

Speak Now
Read a book that’s in a trilogy or the third book in a series.

If This Was a Movie
Read a book that has a movie adaptation

Speak Now
Listen to an audiobook

Read a book you’re intimidated by

Read a book that is YA in genre

Do some meditation

Read a book with red on the cover

Begin Again
Pick up a book you previously DNF'd

Dance break!

Read a five star prediction

I Forgot That You Existed
Read the book that’s been on your TBR the longest or that you have owned the longest

You Need To Calm Down
Do some calming self-care

Read a book based on mythology, folk tales, or a retelling

Read a book written by two authors

Wear a cosy outfit and post a cosy picture to Instagram

Surprise yourself with your book: pick it with your eyes closed, use a random number generator, or a TBR jar, etc.

No Body No Crime
Read a mystery or thriller book

Post the best advice you’ve ever been given